So, yesterday. Went fishing. 3rdday fishing this year, but haven’t been fishing for the past 15 years. First two days, 26 degrees, 0% cloud, glaring sunshine, very low water: the worst possible conditions for catching a salmon. Yesterday, only a mere 19 degrees, 50% cloud. The other guys didn’t really want to fly fish, so I had that part all to myself. Happy, happy days. First hour, a fine foul hooked dace of a good 1.5 oz. Move on, not a harbinger I thought. First run down the good stream, missed a fish, put that down to rustiness. Second run down, BOOM, the line tore away, lifted the rod, felt the weight of the fish. AND BOOM THERE WAS WEIGHT! Salmo Salar (Latin for salmon) and I tussled, fought, scrapped for the next ten minutes. I brought him closer to the net, he ran away. He jumped, he flipped, he dove. He eventually managed to get the other fly caught on a rock and broke the line and won his freedom. Disappointed doesn’t even come close, but given that it’s catch and release, so he would’ve been going back in any way to swim on, and hopefully propagate the species, it’s not so bad.

In those ten minutes Salmo and I were connected, all the memories of 1000’s of fish hooked, lost and beaten, flooded back. My heart raced to a level it hadn’t done for a long time, the thrill of the hunt and the battle, yet ultimately the loss. The extreme high, followed by the extreme low. The re-igniting of the burnin’ yearnin’ for the next time that the line tightens, and it all starts again. Who’ll win the battle next time?

The greatest fisher of all time was the Lord Jesus. He fished for the souls of men. He offered the greatest enticement ever, eternal life with God the Father. Take the bait, the Gospel, read it, absorb it. Battle with it if you need to, but if you surrender to it, you don’t get a bang on the head with a stick (like a fish for the table would), you get to experience eternal life with God, the Father.

The wonders of the life that God wants you to have are but a simple prayer away.

IMG_0833What are you going to do? Swim on regardless? Or, get hooked up with God, and see the wonders He has in store for you?


Author: garyrobb

I'm not a natural blogger, just fancied giving it a go. If you like what I’ve written, please share it. If you don’t, please tell me to stop my ramblings!

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